Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sinner or Saint?

Hey guys,
Today i just wanted to pop on and share something with you that i found in Target the other day.
Its by a brand called Sinner or Saint. Mostly they sell kinda cheap packages and like gift set sorta things but they do offer this a really neat little set of 12 "eye shadow dusts" for $20.  The had some testers out of a few of the colours and when i swatched them i was really suprised by the pigmentation and colour payoff from the shadows, so i grabbed one.

This is what the outside of the box looks like. The doors are held together buy a magnet.
Each of the shadows have their own little compartment - the was soem little plastic holders for each of them but i didnt like it so i took them out.

Sadly none of the colours are named so thats a bit annoying but ow well.

These are all swatched over BARE SKIN - no primer or foundation.

  • Each pot contains 1.8g of product
  • Highly Pigmented
  • Super Sparkley
  • Great colour payoff
  • Really cheap - works out about $1.67 per jar
  • They don't come with a sifter
  • Are most likely just repackaged mica (the ingredients listing on the back of the box suggests this)
  • The darker colours (black/pewter and navy blue) stain the skin so you have to wear a good primer
Overall i really like these colours. they were a good price and i think would be really good if you're just starting out with loose shadows or are wanting to get a present for somebody who is just starting to get into makeup and such.

Hope you enjoyed this little semi-review and swatches and ill speak to you all soon.


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