Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hey guys

Im sorry to say that for the next few days there wont be any makeup posts on here. Ive just moved back home for the next 3 months while on on holidays from University. I have to unpack a lot of stuff (its scary bacause the amount i brought back is about half of what i left behind) and my gorgeous puppy has decided that an ample welcome home gift was to set of my allergies so my nose is running and my eyes are bloodshot - makes for an attractive makeup base.
But i will be back in a few days once everything has settled down.
Hope your all well and ill speak to you soon!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Moral Psychosis Look

Hey guys
This look is a few days old, but here it is.

- Revlon Colorstay Foundation
- Covergirl Clean Pressed Powder
- Fyrinnae Blush, Intrigue

- Turquoise Gel Liner all over the lid and lower lashline
- Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
- Lime Crimes, Circus Girl, on the inner corner
- Fyrinnae, 1.22 Gigawatts, patted onto the middle of the lid and blended into the yellow
- Mineralista, Kiwi Lime, patted into the outter half of the lid
- The She Spaces, Moral Enemy, applied in the otter corner
- The She Spaces, Savor The Psychosis, on the lower lashline
- Black Gel Liner
- Black Mascara

- Fyrinnae Lip Lustre, Meloncholy

Im thinking of doing a theme series. Does anyone have any ideas?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tag! Your It XD

Lets play 20 (minus 8) Questions

1.What shoe size are you?
I am a size 8.5 or 9 (Eur39) depending, and I love shoes!

2.Where do you work?
Im actually a student so i dont really work that much but when i do im an assistant counted manager to a major australian hi-fi store =)

3.Favorite piece of clothing you own :
My black skinny jeans from Jeans West - soooo comfy. I didnt even have to break them in!

4.Your favorite blog?
I loove soo many

5.Do you have any pets?
I have a dog, she is like 9 months old, a cross breed maltese shitzu and poodle (sooo cute) and we suspect she has ADD lol but that just means she can keep up with eveyone else in the family. I also have a few fish and a budgie named Demon (when we first got her, every morning at 5:30 she would starting singing and wake everyone up - hence the name)

6.How many siblings do you have?
haha i have a twin and 2 waaay older half brothers and an older half sister

7.If you could live anywhere where would it be?
I kinda like where i am at the moment but i would like to live in the UK or europe for a bit

8.What were you doing before this?
hahah umm woke, got my apartment inspected and then put off studying for a bit longer

9.Your favorite food?
hahah umm that is soo difficult...i really like asain foods and

10.Do you have a middle name?

11.Your favorite websites?
umm youtube - love watching tutorials and reviews, and etsy and for recipes

12.Who do you tag?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pinup Looks

Hey guys
Todays look is just a simple pinup look using fyrinnae and hi-fi cosmetics
Hope you enjoy =)

- Maybelline Liquid Mousse Foundation, Medium 2.5
- Covergirl Clean Pressed Powder, Creamy Beige
- Coastal Scents Contour & Blush Palette

- Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
- Hi-fi Cosmetics Shadow, Wanted in crease
- Fyrinnae Shadow, Mocha Shake in crease
- Fyrinnae Shadow, Samhain Spirits in crease
- Hi-fi Shadow, Sugar, on lid
- MAC Shadow, Blanc Type, over Sugar
- Black Liquid Liner on upper lashline
- Black Mascara

- NYX Lip Pencil, Plush Red, to line and fill in lips
- Maybelline Lipstick, Red
- Evil Shades Gloss, Venom, applied sparingly on top


Formspring Me!

You heard me
Ask whatever you want - ill answer it =D
If you've got an account link it below and ill check it out

Procrastination leads to another look

Hey guys
This isnt really a proper look. I was just mucking around with my Mehron Tropical pallete and some shadows and this is what i came up with:

I added another wing on the lower lashline

What I Used:
- Mehron Troplical Pallete; Lime Green (lid), Yellow and Dark Green (mixed together for liner)
- Fyrinnae Shadow, Velociraptor on lid
- The Mineralista shadow, Kiwi Lime on liner
- Hi-Fi shadow, Forsaken on lower lashline

I got 2 pairs of colour contacts in the mail today - ive only opened the blue ones so far. They were soo difficult to get in lol but i think i have the hang of it now =P

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For all vintage lovers

Hey guys

I just wanted to let you knwo that the lovely Ashley of Lisa Freemont Street on YouTube is hosting her 11,000 subscriber giveaway. If your like me and love anything vintage i think you should pop over and check out some of her vintage hairstyling videos :)

Click here to head over to the Lisa Freemont Street Channel.

Click here to head over to the giveaway video


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just a bit of weekend fun

Hey guys,
i havent gone out at all this weekend due to intense study (finals next week eeek!) and that also means no makeup =( so instead of neglecting my blog once again i figured id post some pictures up of me and my friend scotty fire-twirling last weekend - Andrew brought along his crazy camera and took some awesome shots with the shutter kept open ^_^

hahah my huge ass
me again doing figure eights and hand changes
more figure eights
scotty going crazy
scotty again
does this look like a dragon to you?
me being engulfed by flames

fire spitting - kero is really not the nicest tasting thing in the world

the reslt of walking with the staff and having the shutter left open

looove this one

what do you guys normally do on the weekends when ur strapped for cash and go out?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My First Video Tutorial

Hey guys

I ve just done my first video tutorial. Please check it out, let me know what you think and if your interested subscribe to my channel.

Also sorry that i dont have any pictures of the look here, my friend is borrowing my memory card =(

Thanks everyone

Monday, May 10, 2010

Skin MD 30-day Discount Code

Hey guys,
this will be just a quick one.
The lovely guys at Skin MD Natural have give me a discount code for you to use. Its valid for the next 30 days only! so get in quick XD and it will get you 20% off any of the products on their site.

Ive done a review on Skin MD Natural Lotion which you can see here.

The code is UNLACED and has to be entered when you checkout, also its caps sensitive so be aware of that when entering it in.

thats all guys,
ill talk to you all soon xx

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hi-Fi Cosmetics swatches and Mini Review

Hey guys!

A while ago I placed my first order with Hi-Fi Cosmetics. I got the 20 sample pack and one of their lip glazers. When i got my package there were a few extra sample shadows along with the 20 I had already ordered. Unfortunately the Lip Glaze wasn’t in the order. I emailed Veronica of Hi-Fi about the missing item in the order and I received a reply very quickly saying she was sorry and that she would send one out with a few extras for the inconvenience. I thought this was very nice of her and I think that what she sent me with the missing item was extremely generous (2 full sized shadows, 5 extra sample baggies and an extra lip glazer)

Anyways here are photos of my Hi-Fi collection, along with swatches and a mini review for you all


Line 1: In Bloom, Punk Rocker, Live By Passion, Bounce, Pixies, Things That Cannot Speak, Eat Me Drink Me.

Line 2: Rising Tide, Queen Of Disaster, Cheap Tricks, The Cyanide You Drank, The Jungle, Unpredictable (Paparazzi Flash Glitter, applied over Pixie Epoxy), Arsonist

Line 3: Mind Manipulation, Living Fire, Pointless Intervention, Hot Rod, Sugar, Lyrical Master, Kiss In The Sand

Line 4: Bad Seed, Wanted, Us Or The Hatchet, Swimming Through Ashes, Blackened Soul.

Full Sized Shadows: Don’t Forget The Violence, Forsaken, Old Fashion Fascism

Lip Glazers:


- All the shadows are highly pigment
- Easy to apply (not chalky)
- Fairly Cheap; a 20 sample collection is only $14.99USD
- Hi-Fi customer service is excellent
- there is a huuuge range of colours (over 180)


- International Shipping can take a while (about 3 weeks) but it’s totally worth it
I was extremly happy with my Hi-Fi Cosmetics purchase, i will definatly be purchasing from them again
Im most interested in grabbing the:
- High Impact Shadow Fix
- Beat Box Shadow
- Amore Gel Blush
-Fat Tuesday Eye Glitter
- New Age Eye Glitter
- Art Is Forever Lip Glaze
- On A Bender Lip Glaze
I apologise for my photos being against a blue background, i didnt realise when i was taking them that it would give then a blue colour, ow well. If you want any close-ups of any of the colours let me know in the comments below and i will be more than happy to post more pictures for you ^_^

FOTN - Stary Sky

Hey all!
This look is just a really simple smokey eye with purple glitter and a dark red lip. Hope you like it.

- Face Of Australia Primer
- Revlon Colorstay Foundation, True Beige
- Savvy Translucent Powder
- Avon Mineral Blush, Blusher, as a contour
- Napoleon Eyeshadow, Red, brushed *lightly* on the apples of the cheek

- Coastal Scents Gel Liner, True black, applied on the lid and blended out into the crease and lower lashline.
- Australis Night Fever palette, Black Shade, dabes all ver the lid and blended into the crease amd lower lashline.
- Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy dabbed over the black on the lid
- Bourjois shadow, Prune Intense, applied over the pixie epoxy (in terms of colour payoff this shadow sucks! but when applied on the epoxy all the gorgeous purple glitter gets picked up and looks awesome XD)
-White shade from the Night Fever palette applied in the inner corner and as a highlight
- Black Liner on the waterline
- Black Mascara

- NYX liner Dark Brown and Plush Red, to line the lips (Dark brown focused on the outter corners and blended into the red)
- Boots No 7 lippie, Cranberry, applied over the liner.

Thats it for tonight! x

Thursday, May 6, 2010

FOTD - Violet Orchid

Hey guys,
Today i did a look using a whole bunch of violet and purple shades. I really like how it all turned out, let me know what you think XD

- Skin MD moisturiser
- Face Of Australia Oil Free Primer (ive only used this once, but i looooovvveee it)
- Revlon Colorstay Foundation Combination/Oil Skin, No:320 True Beige
- Savvy Translucent Powder
- Coastal Scents Contour and Blush Palette, Dark Brown and Bright Pink

- Mehron Pastel Palette, Violet, applied wet on lid and blended unwards with a clean brush
- Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy lightly dabbed onto the lid
- Fyrinnae Shadow, Cupcakes & Sprinkles, applied over lid and crease and on the lower lashline
- Fyrinnae Shadow, Mephisto, applied into the outer V
- Beauty Style Shadow, Orchid, blended along the outter edges of the crease
- MAC shadow, Blanc Type, as highlight
- Bourjois Shadow, Blanc Diaphane, placed in inner corner and arches of the brow
- Coastal Scents Gel Liner, True Black, appliedon uppoer and lower lashline
- Black Mascara

- NYX lipliner, Orange 824 and Barbie Pink 839, used to lightly line and fill in lips
- Australis Lipstick, Stealing Beauty
- Clear Lipgloss 


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Hey guys
(wow yeah i know, 2 posts in one day!)
As you can probably tell from the lack of haul posts that i havent really been buying new products, but today i kind of went on a little splurge at my local priceline. Here's what i got:


(From Bottom Upwards)
Australis Colour Max Lippie, Stealing Beauty
Australis Moisture Intense Lippie, Candy
Australis Lip Sheer Gloss

Australis Shimmerstick, Pink Panther

Australis Eyeshadow palette, Night Fever

Beauty Style, Liquid Eye Liner, Blue Monday
Beauty Style Shadow, Orchid
Beauty Style Shadow, Deep Pink

Hope you all enjoyed that ^_^

FOTD - My Recreation of Xsparkages Fierce Friday

Hey everyone!
This look is one that xsparkage did on friday the 30th May. She used Makeup Forever colours and products, this is my recreation using similar colours from Fyrinnae, Hi-Fi Cosmetics and Kryolan.
Hope you Enjoy!

- Revlon Colorstay Foundation, Combination/Oily formula, No. 320 True Beige
- Australis Blusher, Peach
- Savvy Trnaslucent Powder

- Kryolan Day Glow Palette, Neon Orange, applied wet on lid and blended high into crease
- Fyrinnae colourant, Cat Fight, all over the kryolan
- Hi-Fi shadow, Mind Manipulation, placed on the lid over Cat Fight
- Hi-Fi shadow, Living Fire, placed in the crease area and blended well into the orange
- Lime Crime shadow, Empress*, placed in the other corner of the crease and blended inwards
* The Lime Crime can be replaced with Fyrinnaes Lemming or Mineralistas Grape
- MAC, Blank Type, as highlighter uder brow bone
- Baby Blue liner on lower lashline
- GBE shadow, Dirty Jeans, placed over liner on bottom lashline
- Black liquid liner on upper lashline
- Black liner on waterline
- Black Mascara

- Nutrimetics Lipstick, Electric
- Clear Lipgloss on top

Do you guys like when i recreate other peoples looks using different products or not?