Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just a bit of weekend fun

Hey guys,
i havent gone out at all this weekend due to intense study (finals next week eeek!) and that also means no makeup =( so instead of neglecting my blog once again i figured id post some pictures up of me and my friend scotty fire-twirling last weekend - Andrew brought along his crazy camera and took some awesome shots with the shutter kept open ^_^

hahah my huge ass
me again doing figure eights and hand changes
more figure eights
scotty going crazy
scotty again
does this look like a dragon to you?
me being engulfed by flames

fire spitting - kero is really not the nicest tasting thing in the world

the reslt of walking with the staff and having the shutter left open

looove this one

what do you guys normally do on the weekends when ur strapped for cash and go out?


  1. Fire! Looks like fun. Pictures are really cool.

  2. it is so much fun =P
    if you ever get a chance to try fire twirling, do it. hahahw


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