Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hey guys just a quick one sentence post to wish you all a lovely christmas - hope your all having as much of a good day as i am

More posts will be up really soon - promise


Monday, December 21, 2009

FOTD - Faerie Glamour

Hey everyone
Todays look is a bluey-green, purple and pink mix thats really cute and fun ^_^

- Australis Primer
- Maybelline Liquid Mousse Foundation, Medium 2.5
- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Foundation, 006
- Savvy Bronzing Powder on cheek bones
- Fyrinnae Glow Blush, Intrigue

- Grape Vine gel liner from Ebay (same as the ones sold at Coastal Scents) applied as a primer all over eye
- Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy applied over gel liner
- Fyrinnae eyeshadow, Faerie Glamour, applied on lid
- GDE shadow, Sugar Plum, applied in outer V and crease and lower lashline
- Evil Shades shadow, Suffocation, applied in crease over Sugar Plum
- Black Liquid Liner on upper lashline and black mascara

(ewww crazy brows need to be fixed!)


Saturday, December 19, 2009

FOTD - Red-Back Spider Inspired

Hey guys,
Finally an on time FOTD! Todays look was inspired by a red back spider that i found in my back yard, so yeah hope you like XD

- Australis Primer
-  Maybelline Liquid Mousse Foundation, Medium 2.5
- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Foundation, 002
- Ebay Contour & Highlighting Palette (same the one sold at Coastal Scents) for blusher and contour

- Red Lipstick with Evil Shades Lip Gloss, Venom on top

- First off i stuck a bit of tape, running diagonally from the corner of my eye to the edge of my brow to help get the sharp edges i had in mind for this look

- Mehron Topical Palette, Red, applied wet onto the lid and into the crease in a cat-eye shape using a small taklon brush
- Napoleon shadow, No. 70 (basic red), applied all over the Mehron
- Fyrinnae shadow, Avenging Salem, applied into the outer V with a small rounded crease brush and then dragged toward the inner corner using windshield wiper motions
- Black liquid liner applied to the upper lashline and smudged slightly using a very small brush
- Black Gel Liner applied to lower lashline and waterline and black mascara used on top and bottom lashes
- Finally remove sticky-tape.

Friday, December 18, 2009

FOTD - Fridays

Hey guys
I do realise that this post is nearly a week old but please bear with me - i work in a major Hi-Fi, Gaming and Music store and have been pulling 10hr shifts each day 5 days a week, and as its getting close to christmas you can imagine how busy we are getting so i hope you all understand if i keep dropping off the face of the planet every now and then.'s the look i wore going out on Friday night - its a simple pink, blue and purple ^_^
The pics arent too great cos i was in a rush and my camera for some reason wont pick up reds or hot pinks so yeah =?


- Lime Crime Foundation Primer (im pretty sure this is just pure silicon gel)
- Almay Foundation, Medium/Light 002
- Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, Natural Beige

- Cant remeber sorry BUT i think it was Savvy lipstick in Rose Blush ??

- Mehron Tropical & Pastel Palette, i mixed the baby blue in the pastelle palette with the royal blue in the Tropical palette. The ratio was 2:1 - Baby Blue:Royal Blue, placed over lid and edges of crease - blended out with a clean brush

- Mineralista eyeshadow, Blueberry Bang, over Mehron
- Sinner or Saint Hot Pink Shadow, applied in crease and outer V
- GDE Sugar Plum, blended into area where the blue and pink met
- Black liquid Liner on the upper lashline
- Black Gel Liner on lower lashline
- Black volumising mascara to finish



Thanks everyone - and sorry again for the lack of posts, ill try to be more prompt in the coming weeks leading into the New Year

Friday, December 11, 2009

Yesterday's FOTD - My Birthday Look

Hey guys
So yesterday, the 10th December, was my birthday. I went out with a bunch of my friends and this was the look i put together - its a mix or orange and blue - let me know what you think XD


- Australis Primer
- The Face Shop Makeup Base, Green
- Almay Smart SHade Makeup Foundation, Medium/Light 200
- Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, Natural Beige
- Ebay Contour and Highlight palette for countour, highlight and blusher

- Savvy Lipstick, Dusty Rose

- Kryolan UV Day-Glow palette, Neon Orange
- Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy over mehron and into crease
- Mineralista, Mango Tango on Kryolan
- Evil Shades, Sinnister, in outer V and crease
- Fyrinnae eyeshadow, Curiouser & Curiouser, over Sinnister
- Light blue eyliner on lower lashline
- Curiouser & curiouser applied on outer 2/3 of lower lashline
- Mango Tango applied on inner 1/3 of lashline
- Black Liquid Liner on upper lashline
- Black Gel Liner on waterline
- Black Mascara to finish off


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

FOTD - Parrot Inspired

Hey Guys,
Todays look was a really simple bluey-grren, purple and yellow mix inspired by one of my friends, Matt's, birds ^_^


- The Face Shop Makeup Base,Green
- Australis Primer
- Australis Tinted Moisturiser, Medium
- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Foundation
- Fyrinnae Glow Blush, Intrigue

- Mehron Pastel Palette, Sea Green (third from the left along the top) applied wet on Lid and slightly into crease
- Fyrinnae eyeshadow, Bali Mynah, applied dry over Mehron
- Fyrinnae eyeshadow, Lemming, in crease and lower lashline
- Lime Crime shadow, Circus Girl
- White eyeliner (for inner corner)
- Black Liqiud Liner for upper lashline
- Black Gel Liner for waterline
- Black Mascara


Let me know what you all think :-)

Why I havent been around

Hey guys
I know i promised that i would be back to posting regularly and all that but recently i got a new member in my family. Her name is Tiger-Lilly (Lilly for short) and boy is she a hand full - but honestly how can you say no to this face?



So please accept my apology and im currently putting together the last could FOTD that ive been meaning to post ^_^


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

FOTD - Dragons Charm

Hey everyone
Finally getting back into regular posts. Todays look is a mix of golds and greens using mostly Fyrinnae Cosmetics. Hope you enjoy!


- The Face Shop Makeup Base, Green
- Maybelline Liquid Mousse Foundation, Medium 2.5
- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Foundation, 006
- Fyrinnae Medium Matte Bronzer as contour
- Fyrinnae Glow Blush, Intrigue

- Rimmel Lipstick, Birthday Suit
- Avon Lip Radiance, Gold Foil

- Ebay Gel Liner, Turqouise
- Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
- Fyrinnae eyeshadow, Dragons Wings, inner 1/3 of lid
- Fyrinnae eyeshadow, Dressed to kill, middle 2/3 of lid and crease
- Fyrinne eyeshadow, Lucky Charm, outer 1/3 of lid and crease
- NYX eyeliner pencil, Gold 837, lower lashline
- Fyrinnae Eyeshadow, Lucky Charm, outer 1/3 of lower lashline
- Fyrinnae Professional Colours, Gilded Wings, on inner 2/3 of lower lashline
- NYX eyeliner pencil, White 906, under brows and blended with finger
- Covergirl eyeshadow, Snow Bunny (matte white) used as highlighter over NYX pencil
- Navy liqiud liner on upper lashline, slightly winged
- Rimmel Kohl Pencil, Black on waterline
- Black Lengthening Mascara to finish off



Tuesday, December 1, 2009

LOTD - Lime Time!

Hey guys,
This look is actually a few week old - shamefull i know! - so im not a 100% sure about the products i used however im going to list everything that i think i used.

- Australis Primer & Lime Crime Primer mixed together
- Almay Smart Shade Makeup Foundation, Light/Medium 200
- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Foundation, 006 Natural Beige
- Ebay Contour & Highlight Palette
- Fyrinnae Glow Blush, Intrigue

- Savvy Lipstick, Dusty Rose

- Mehron Pastel Palette, Lime Green
- Fyrinnae eyeshadow, We're All Mad Here
- TSS eyeshadow, Slightly Insane
- TSS eyeshadow, Acidic Reign
- Evil Shades eyeshadow, Sinister
- Black Liquid Liner
- Savvy eyeline, Jade
- Volumising Black Mascara
- Falsies




Im Back!

Hey everyone
Im finally back from my holiday.
Its taken me a few days to get everything sorted from the trip and get back into my regular routine so i apologise for the lack of posts; both before i left and since i got back. However, if you could see the state of my room (especially my makeup desk) you would understand.
As promised i have a few reviews im still working on and ive got a few looks for you all too - which should all be up shortly