Friday, December 18, 2009

FOTD - Fridays

Hey guys
I do realise that this post is nearly a week old but please bear with me - i work in a major Hi-Fi, Gaming and Music store and have been pulling 10hr shifts each day 5 days a week, and as its getting close to christmas you can imagine how busy we are getting so i hope you all understand if i keep dropping off the face of the planet every now and then.'s the look i wore going out on Friday night - its a simple pink, blue and purple ^_^
The pics arent too great cos i was in a rush and my camera for some reason wont pick up reds or hot pinks so yeah =?


- Lime Crime Foundation Primer (im pretty sure this is just pure silicon gel)
- Almay Foundation, Medium/Light 002
- Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, Natural Beige

- Cant remeber sorry BUT i think it was Savvy lipstick in Rose Blush ??

- Mehron Tropical & Pastel Palette, i mixed the baby blue in the pastelle palette with the royal blue in the Tropical palette. The ratio was 2:1 - Baby Blue:Royal Blue, placed over lid and edges of crease - blended out with a clean brush

- Mineralista eyeshadow, Blueberry Bang, over Mehron
- Sinner or Saint Hot Pink Shadow, applied in crease and outer V
- GDE Sugar Plum, blended into area where the blue and pink met
- Black liquid Liner on the upper lashline
- Black Gel Liner on lower lashline
- Black volumising mascara to finish



Thanks everyone - and sorry again for the lack of posts, ill try to be more prompt in the coming weeks leading into the New Year


  1. That blue is stunning! You look beautiful :)

  2. I love the blue. It's so pretty and vibrant.

  3. thanks girls =)
    the photos dont do it justice - you can spot the blue a mile away ^_^



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