Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hey guys just a quick one sentence post to wish you all a lovely christmas - hope your all having as much of a good day as i am

More posts will be up really soon - promise


Monday, December 21, 2009

FOTD - Faerie Glamour

Hey everyone
Todays look is a bluey-green, purple and pink mix thats really cute and fun ^_^

- Australis Primer
- Maybelline Liquid Mousse Foundation, Medium 2.5
- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Foundation, 006
- Savvy Bronzing Powder on cheek bones
- Fyrinnae Glow Blush, Intrigue

- Grape Vine gel liner from Ebay (same as the ones sold at Coastal Scents) applied as a primer all over eye
- Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy applied over gel liner
- Fyrinnae eyeshadow, Faerie Glamour, applied on lid
- GDE shadow, Sugar Plum, applied in outer V and crease and lower lashline
- Evil Shades shadow, Suffocation, applied in crease over Sugar Plum
- Black Liquid Liner on upper lashline and black mascara

(ewww crazy brows need to be fixed!)


Saturday, December 19, 2009

FOTD - Red-Back Spider Inspired

Hey guys,
Finally an on time FOTD! Todays look was inspired by a red back spider that i found in my back yard, so yeah hope you like XD

- Australis Primer
-  Maybelline Liquid Mousse Foundation, Medium 2.5
- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Foundation, 002
- Ebay Contour & Highlighting Palette (same the one sold at Coastal Scents) for blusher and contour

- Red Lipstick with Evil Shades Lip Gloss, Venom on top

- First off i stuck a bit of tape, running diagonally from the corner of my eye to the edge of my brow to help get the sharp edges i had in mind for this look

- Mehron Topical Palette, Red, applied wet onto the lid and into the crease in a cat-eye shape using a small taklon brush
- Napoleon shadow, No. 70 (basic red), applied all over the Mehron
- Fyrinnae shadow, Avenging Salem, applied into the outer V with a small rounded crease brush and then dragged toward the inner corner using windshield wiper motions
- Black liquid liner applied to the upper lashline and smudged slightly using a very small brush
- Black Gel Liner applied to lower lashline and waterline and black mascara used on top and bottom lashes
- Finally remove sticky-tape.

Friday, December 18, 2009

FOTD - Fridays

Hey guys
I do realise that this post is nearly a week old but please bear with me - i work in a major Hi-Fi, Gaming and Music store and have been pulling 10hr shifts each day 5 days a week, and as its getting close to christmas you can imagine how busy we are getting so i hope you all understand if i keep dropping off the face of the planet every now and then.'s the look i wore going out on Friday night - its a simple pink, blue and purple ^_^
The pics arent too great cos i was in a rush and my camera for some reason wont pick up reds or hot pinks so yeah =?


- Lime Crime Foundation Primer (im pretty sure this is just pure silicon gel)
- Almay Foundation, Medium/Light 002
- Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, Natural Beige

- Cant remeber sorry BUT i think it was Savvy lipstick in Rose Blush ??

- Mehron Tropical & Pastel Palette, i mixed the baby blue in the pastelle palette with the royal blue in the Tropical palette. The ratio was 2:1 - Baby Blue:Royal Blue, placed over lid and edges of crease - blended out with a clean brush

- Mineralista eyeshadow, Blueberry Bang, over Mehron
- Sinner or Saint Hot Pink Shadow, applied in crease and outer V
- GDE Sugar Plum, blended into area where the blue and pink met
- Black liquid Liner on the upper lashline
- Black Gel Liner on lower lashline
- Black volumising mascara to finish



Thanks everyone - and sorry again for the lack of posts, ill try to be more prompt in the coming weeks leading into the New Year

Friday, December 11, 2009

Yesterday's FOTD - My Birthday Look

Hey guys
So yesterday, the 10th December, was my birthday. I went out with a bunch of my friends and this was the look i put together - its a mix or orange and blue - let me know what you think XD


- Australis Primer
- The Face Shop Makeup Base, Green
- Almay Smart SHade Makeup Foundation, Medium/Light 200
- Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, Natural Beige
- Ebay Contour and Highlight palette for countour, highlight and blusher

- Savvy Lipstick, Dusty Rose

- Kryolan UV Day-Glow palette, Neon Orange
- Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy over mehron and into crease
- Mineralista, Mango Tango on Kryolan
- Evil Shades, Sinnister, in outer V and crease
- Fyrinnae eyeshadow, Curiouser & Curiouser, over Sinnister
- Light blue eyliner on lower lashline
- Curiouser & curiouser applied on outer 2/3 of lower lashline
- Mango Tango applied on inner 1/3 of lashline
- Black Liquid Liner on upper lashline
- Black Gel Liner on waterline
- Black Mascara to finish off


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

FOTD - Parrot Inspired

Hey Guys,
Todays look was a really simple bluey-grren, purple and yellow mix inspired by one of my friends, Matt's, birds ^_^


- The Face Shop Makeup Base,Green
- Australis Primer
- Australis Tinted Moisturiser, Medium
- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Foundation
- Fyrinnae Glow Blush, Intrigue

- Mehron Pastel Palette, Sea Green (third from the left along the top) applied wet on Lid and slightly into crease
- Fyrinnae eyeshadow, Bali Mynah, applied dry over Mehron
- Fyrinnae eyeshadow, Lemming, in crease and lower lashline
- Lime Crime shadow, Circus Girl
- White eyeliner (for inner corner)
- Black Liqiud Liner for upper lashline
- Black Gel Liner for waterline
- Black Mascara


Let me know what you all think :-)

Why I havent been around

Hey guys
I know i promised that i would be back to posting regularly and all that but recently i got a new member in my family. Her name is Tiger-Lilly (Lilly for short) and boy is she a hand full - but honestly how can you say no to this face?



So please accept my apology and im currently putting together the last could FOTD that ive been meaning to post ^_^


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

FOTD - Dragons Charm

Hey everyone
Finally getting back into regular posts. Todays look is a mix of golds and greens using mostly Fyrinnae Cosmetics. Hope you enjoy!


- The Face Shop Makeup Base, Green
- Maybelline Liquid Mousse Foundation, Medium 2.5
- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Foundation, 006
- Fyrinnae Medium Matte Bronzer as contour
- Fyrinnae Glow Blush, Intrigue

- Rimmel Lipstick, Birthday Suit
- Avon Lip Radiance, Gold Foil

- Ebay Gel Liner, Turqouise
- Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
- Fyrinnae eyeshadow, Dragons Wings, inner 1/3 of lid
- Fyrinnae eyeshadow, Dressed to kill, middle 2/3 of lid and crease
- Fyrinne eyeshadow, Lucky Charm, outer 1/3 of lid and crease
- NYX eyeliner pencil, Gold 837, lower lashline
- Fyrinnae Eyeshadow, Lucky Charm, outer 1/3 of lower lashline
- Fyrinnae Professional Colours, Gilded Wings, on inner 2/3 of lower lashline
- NYX eyeliner pencil, White 906, under brows and blended with finger
- Covergirl eyeshadow, Snow Bunny (matte white) used as highlighter over NYX pencil
- Navy liqiud liner on upper lashline, slightly winged
- Rimmel Kohl Pencil, Black on waterline
- Black Lengthening Mascara to finish off



Tuesday, December 1, 2009

LOTD - Lime Time!

Hey guys,
This look is actually a few week old - shamefull i know! - so im not a 100% sure about the products i used however im going to list everything that i think i used.

- Australis Primer & Lime Crime Primer mixed together
- Almay Smart Shade Makeup Foundation, Light/Medium 200
- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Foundation, 006 Natural Beige
- Ebay Contour & Highlight Palette
- Fyrinnae Glow Blush, Intrigue

- Savvy Lipstick, Dusty Rose

- Mehron Pastel Palette, Lime Green
- Fyrinnae eyeshadow, We're All Mad Here
- TSS eyeshadow, Slightly Insane
- TSS eyeshadow, Acidic Reign
- Evil Shades eyeshadow, Sinister
- Black Liquid Liner
- Savvy eyeline, Jade
- Volumising Black Mascara
- Falsies




Im Back!

Hey everyone
Im finally back from my holiday.
Its taken me a few days to get everything sorted from the trip and get back into my regular routine so i apologise for the lack of posts; both before i left and since i got back. However, if you could see the state of my room (especially my makeup desk) you would understand.
As promised i have a few reviews im still working on and ive got a few looks for you all too - which should all be up shortly


Friday, November 20, 2009

Woo Update

Hey everyone
Sorry i've been off the planet for the last few days.
Its been pretty hectic around here lately - we are renovating my kitchen and building a new bathroom so you can imagine how much work that is all going to take.
Im also going away for a little holiday on Sunday so i've been spending alot of time packing and get things ready for that. I think the worst thing about going away is deciding what to bring =P

I will be posting a few looks up in the next few days before i go away.
I also bought a few skin care products to try out and review while im away so keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks as well as some new looks and hauls.

Finally just a big thank you to my new follows ^_^


P.s My birthday is comming up - would anybody be interested if i put together a birthday giveaway/contest?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Formal Photos and New Hair Cut!

hey guys
Even though my formal was a complete disaster and a total wasta of time im still going to put up some pictures so you all can see my new hair cut.

Please ignore the tummy and chubby arms

Me and my twin pulling a funny face

Sorry i dont have any close-ups, they were "accidently" deleted off the camera by my sister who had it the whole night so these are pretty much the only pictures i have at the moment with me in them.
As you can see i just did a double winged liner and the shadow was just a light neutral pink and purple.
I absolutly love my hair ^_^


Its Britney Bitch!

lol hey guys   (PIC HEAVEY)
i couldnt help myself title this post as is just because last night there were sooo many people walking around wearing tshirts saying that, so it seemed appropriate ^_^

If you ignored my last post then just a quick recap, last night i went to the Britney Spears concert. It was lots of fun - the costumes and dances and audio visuals were AMAZING! She is so cute and apart from the Pink concert and Chicago musical i believe she put on one of the best shows i have seen =D

Ive put together a bunch of pictures from the night - if your not interested then feel free to click the little red 'X' button in the top right hand corner of your screen, (or if you using a MAC aim at the left =P)

Suporting her was Australian DJ Havanah Brown

This girl was doing a hand stand and hula hooping on her foot!

Creeping gynmast jumping off a flexi-board and doing 2.5 turns before landing

Doesnt she remind you of Satine from Moulin Rouge?

Singing "Every Time" the dance was beautiful - one of my favourites

Waving Goodbye

I honestly forgot how many of her songs i danced to when i was younger, seeing her reminded me of the huge influence that she had during the 90's. lol she is so dam cute when she talks too ^_^ i just wanted to squish her XD

Anyway guys i hope you enjoyed those pictures.