Friday, November 20, 2009

Woo Update

Hey everyone
Sorry i've been off the planet for the last few days.
Its been pretty hectic around here lately - we are renovating my kitchen and building a new bathroom so you can imagine how much work that is all going to take.
Im also going away for a little holiday on Sunday so i've been spending alot of time packing and get things ready for that. I think the worst thing about going away is deciding what to bring =P

I will be posting a few looks up in the next few days before i go away.
I also bought a few skin care products to try out and review while im away so keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks as well as some new looks and hauls.

Finally just a big thank you to my new follows ^_^


P.s My birthday is comming up - would anybody be interested if i put together a birthday giveaway/contest?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Formal Photos and New Hair Cut!

hey guys
Even though my formal was a complete disaster and a total wasta of time im still going to put up some pictures so you all can see my new hair cut.

Please ignore the tummy and chubby arms

Me and my twin pulling a funny face

Sorry i dont have any close-ups, they were "accidently" deleted off the camera by my sister who had it the whole night so these are pretty much the only pictures i have at the moment with me in them.
As you can see i just did a double winged liner and the shadow was just a light neutral pink and purple.
I absolutly love my hair ^_^


Its Britney Bitch!

lol hey guys   (PIC HEAVEY)
i couldnt help myself title this post as is just because last night there were sooo many people walking around wearing tshirts saying that, so it seemed appropriate ^_^

If you ignored my last post then just a quick recap, last night i went to the Britney Spears concert. It was lots of fun - the costumes and dances and audio visuals were AMAZING! She is so cute and apart from the Pink concert and Chicago musical i believe she put on one of the best shows i have seen =D

Ive put together a bunch of pictures from the night - if your not interested then feel free to click the little red 'X' button in the top right hand corner of your screen, (or if you using a MAC aim at the left =P)

Suporting her was Australian DJ Havanah Brown

This girl was doing a hand stand and hula hooping on her foot!

Creeping gynmast jumping off a flexi-board and doing 2.5 turns before landing

Doesnt she remind you of Satine from Moulin Rouge?

Singing "Every Time" the dance was beautiful - one of my favourites

Waving Goodbye

I honestly forgot how many of her songs i danced to when i was younger, seeing her reminded me of the huge influence that she had during the 90's. lol she is so dam cute when she talks too ^_^ i just wanted to squish her XD

Anyway guys i hope you enjoyed those pictures.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Depressing Update

Hey guys
Sorry i havent posted anything for a while. I have officially finished all my exams as of the 13th so i've been a bit busy attempter to catch up with people and do all things i havent been able to.
I did get my hair done, its amazing! ill put some pictures up for you all real soon.
Last night was my school Formal for yr12 (last year for those of u who dont know) it was a complete disaster and waste of time and money, for me at least, but i wont go into that because it really upsets me. I will, however, put some pictures up so you all can see my hair and makeup.
Tonight im going to the Britney Spears concert which is exciting. I dont normally listen to her very often but she kind of burst into the music industry when i was growing up and i loved her back then so i figured why not go with a bunch of old friends and enjoy re-living our childhood favourites lol "Baby One More Time.." i still dont understand those lyrics after all these years =P I will be bringing my camera to the concert so ill try and grab some pics - not promising they will be any good because we all know how annoying concert ligthing can be, but ill try and ill put them up in a post.

Ill post about my look tonight for the concert


Thursday, November 12, 2009

This Look Needs a Name...

Hey everyone
Today i decided to do a dark smokey look using brown, copper, blue, gold and raspberry tones.

Hope you like it!


- Red Earth Concealer palette

- Maybelline Liquid Mousse foundation, Medium 2.5
- Covergirl Pressed powder no.105
- Ebay Contour & Blush palette (also from Coastal Scents) for cheek contour
- Fyrinnae Glow Blush, Intrigue, on cheeks

- NYX liner pencil, Deep Plum
- Fyrinnae Lip Lustre, Diabolic Masquerade, applied with a lip brush
- Fyrinnae Lip Lustre, Glitter Kittiez dabbed on top

- TSS eyeshadow, Hot For Chocolate, foiled on the lid and slightly into edges of the crease and on the lower lash line

- TSS eyeshadow, Lucifer's Chariot, applied dry in the crease with pencil brush
- TSS eyeshadow, Tear Jerk, applied in the outter V and where the Hot For Chocolate and Lucifer's Chariot meet in the crease with a small brush
- Fyrinnae eyeshadow, Banana Mochi, applied on the edges on Lucifer's Chariot and as a highlight
- NYX liner pencil, Gold 909, in the inner corner/tear duct
- Glamour Doll Eyes shadow, Gold Digger, dabbed on top
- Black Liquid Liner on upper lash line
- Avon Super Lash mascara, Black

(With a clear gloss)


Sorry about the crappy hair i just couldnt be bothered to do anything with it =]

I couldnt think of a name for this look so if you can think of something post it in a comment below and ill pick my favourite one


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FOTD - Purple Pick-me-up

Hey Guys
Today i wanted to test out some of the shades that i got from Glamour Doll Eyes. I decided to use some of the purples and pinks and this is what i came up with:


- The Face Shop makeup base primer, green
- Almay Smart Shade makeup foundation, light/medium 200
- Savvy pressed powder, dark
- Fyrinnae matte bronzer, Medium on cheeks

- Ebay Contour & Blush Palette (also from Coastal Scents), pink blusher on the bottom row also on cheeks

- Evil Shades Lipgloss, Lethal Kiss
- TSS eyeshadow pigment, Lucifer's Chariot, dabbed on top


- Ebay gel liner, Sexy Pink (also sold at Coastal Scents) applied all over the lid and blended into crease
- GDE, Pinky Swear, patted onto lid
- GDE, Sugar Plum, applied in the crease and outer V area. Only lightly blended into edges of Pink Swear
- Face Of Australia eyeliner, Jade (bright green), lower lashline
- GDE, Dirty Jeans, inner 3/4 of lower lashline
- GDE, Berry Lush, outter 1/4 of lower lashline
- Black liquid liner on upper lashline
- Black Kohl pencil on waterline
- Avon Super Shock mascara


My first experience using the shadows was pretty average - blended easily and were highly pigmented. However i did notice that toward the end of the day some of the colours had faded a little and they weren't as bright as when i first applied them =[
I really loved using Lucifer's Chariot as a lipgloss - its the perfect "my lips buy better" colour for me, i think i might try to get some clear gloss and mix some up ^_^

Has anyone else mixed their gloss before?
How well did it work for you?


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

FOTD - Acidic Reign

Hey guys
Well i dint actually go out today but i got bored and started playing around with some of my new colours and this is what i came up with using The She Space and Evil Shades:


- Maybelline Liquid Mousse Foundation, medium 2.5
- Covergirl pressed powder, no.105
- Fyrinnae Matte Bronzer, medium, on cheeks

- TSS Acidic Reign foiled (wet) on 2/3 of lid and slightly into crease.
- Evil Shades, Silver Bullet, inner 1/3 of lid

- Evil Shades, Acolyte, in outer V and edges of Acidic Reign
- Black Liquid liner on upper lash line, winged, and lower lashline
- Acolyte on lower lashline
- NYX white eyeline on waterline
- Estee Lauder Lash XL mascara

- Fyrinnae Lip Lustre, Glitter Kittiez
- Evil Shades lipgloss, Lethal Kiss



Glamour Doll Eyes Swatches and Initial Thoughts

Hey everyone

If you remember a while ago i purchased a few samples from Glamour Doll Eyes. I finally recieved my order today after waiting 12 days for it to arrive in the post.

At this point in time I dont know if i will be ordering from them again as it did take a month to process my order and send it, even though at the time my order was placed their site stated it would only take 2 weeks to process orders. =/ However i did notice that the week after i placed my order the processing time on their site had chaned to 2-4 weeks, so i guess they got really busy over Halloween.

So all together i grabbed 13 samples, it worked out cheaper to get the colours i wanted in her collections that get them individually so i opted for that.
*colour descriptions are taken straight from the Glamour Dolls website*

- The Jelly Beans Collection [sadly this collection isn't being offered anymore]
  >Strawberry Cupcake: pretty pink not too bright and not too light
  > Pixie: (couldnt find a proper description) shimmery pink with a slight peach tinge
  > Blueberry Lush: bright blue with medium sheen
  > Sugar Plum: gorgeous light purple

  > Gold Digger: gold
  > Graffiti: matte black with lime glitter

- Bad Gal Collection
  > Violet: pale violet
  > Secretive: soft pink with low sheen
  > Dirty Jeans:  teal grean that rubs into a blue-green with gold hues
  > Leather & Lace: matte black with pink glitter

- Geeky But Glam Collection
  > Fabulous!: an amazing teal
  > Sterling Gitz: a silvery diamond glitter shade
  > Pinky Swear: bright fuschia with pearl finish
  > Glam Girl: super bright purple

- Fabulous!(individual sample) - teal

Line1: Leather & Lace, Sterling Glitz, Graffiti, Gold Digger
Line2: Blueberry Lush, Fabulous (x2), Dirty Jeans
Line3: Sugar Plum, Glam Girl, Violet, Pinky Swear
Line4: Pixie, Secretive, Strawberry Cupcake

Line1: Leather & Lace, Sterling Glitz, Graffiti, Gold Digger
Annoyingly neither Leather & Lace or Graffiti had any visible glitter in them. The formula was a bit grainy so im assuming that there was glitter in it, you just cant tell when you use it....

Line2: Blueberry Lush, Fabulous, Dirty Jeans
I did my best to capture the gold sheen in Dirty Jeans, which i think came out quite good ^_^ considering im normally whinging about my cameras inability to capture the different hues in some of my pigments

Line3: Sugar Plum, Glam Girl, Violet, Pinky Swear
Violet was a bit of a let down, its not as sheer as it appears here, but it isnt as vibrant as i would have expected. Pinky Swear was probably the most suprising because as i moved it under the light a blue hue was brought out of which was gorgeous (insert whinging about stupid camera here -.-" ) 

Line4: Pixie, Secretive, Strawberry Cupcake
I think the angle that i was taking this photo was just plain wrong - all these shades are much brighter and Secretive even has a hot pink highlight to it when moved under the light =/

I think my favourite colours are
- Dirty Jeans
- Sugar Plum
- Fabulous

- Pinky Swear
- Secretive
- Sterling Glitz

Have you ever ordered from Glamour Doll Eyes?
What do you think of their colours?
Has anybody else had the same problem with Leather & Lace and Graffitit?


Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Need Some Help!

Ok guys,
I need some help and advice.
I have booked an appointment with my stylist for saturday and im still unsure of what i want to do with my hair. Im torn between geting something choppy and funky (like a used to do) or so get something simple...
Ive put together a few photos that have inspired me. Tell me which you think would suit me best or if you have something you like and i dont have it up here feel free to link it in the comments or just email it to me.


 Obviously my hair is a little too short to have this excactly but the length would be shorter

 Those were the closest things i could find to what i had in my head of what i kind of edging a bit more towarss the style the Emilys character in Skins has (3rd picture) but i would love to get a few other opinions and ideas from you all.
So please either comment or email me, your suggestions will be much appreciated


Friday, November 6, 2009

Blog Awards XD

Hey guys,
I got two blog awards! YaY!
Thank you very much, when i saw this it made me smile =D

From Lillian and Madame

From Madame

The rules (for both awards):
- To accept this award: Post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
- Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered.
- Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Ive chosen to pass these awards onto:

These bloggers are fantastic, if you haven't already checked them out please do

Thursday, November 5, 2009

FOTD - Naughty Cupcakes

Hey guys,
Today i was in a bit of a hurry to do my makeup so its pretty simple, well kind off XD
I used some of my new shades from Fyrinnae and The She Space.

What i used:


- Maybelline Liquid Mousse Foundation, Medium 2.5

- Covergirl pressed powder, No. 105

- Contor & Blush Palette from Ebay (Coastal Scents sell the same thing)


- Fyrinae Pixie Epoxy, lid and crease

- Fyrinnae Cupcakes & Sprinkles, on lid
- TSS A Bit Naughty, in crease, outer V and lower lashline
- Face of Australia Black liquid liner on upper lashline

- Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara


- Fyrinnae Lip Lustre, Shangri-la

Please excuse the bad quality photos - my internet is really slow and ive had to compress them a fair bit just so i can upload them.
Hope you understand.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trolls EOTD Request

I almost forgot to post this. lol
Last night i was talking to my B-tard on the phone and interestingly enough he wanted me to do an eyeshadow request. He asked for a blue-toned-purple on the lid with a white crease. which was easy enough.

What i used:-

- Maybeline Liquid Mousse Foundation, Medium 2.5
- Savvy Pressed Powder, Dark

- Ebay Purple Gel Liner (Coastal Scents sell them too, Grape Vine) on lid stopping at edge of crease
- Kryolan White aquacolour dabbed and blended with finger in crease.
- Covergirl eyeshadow, Snow Bunny (matte white), blended over the Kryolan
- Fyrinnae, New Moon's Light, patted over the lid.
- Black liquid liner in upper lash line, winged
- Rimmel Black Kohl pencil on lower lash line
- Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

- Fyrinnae lip lustre Diabolic Masquerade, blotted
- Fyrinnae lip lustre Shangri-la in middle of lid

What do you think?