Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Glamour Doll Eyes Swatches and Initial Thoughts

Hey everyone

If you remember a while ago i purchased a few samples from Glamour Doll Eyes. I finally recieved my order today after waiting 12 days for it to arrive in the post.

At this point in time I dont know if i will be ordering from them again as it did take a month to process my order and send it, even though at the time my order was placed their site stated it would only take 2 weeks to process orders. =/ However i did notice that the week after i placed my order the processing time on their site had chaned to 2-4 weeks, so i guess they got really busy over Halloween.

So all together i grabbed 13 samples, it worked out cheaper to get the colours i wanted in her collections that get them individually so i opted for that.
*colour descriptions are taken straight from the Glamour Dolls website*

- The Jelly Beans Collection [sadly this collection isn't being offered anymore]
  >Strawberry Cupcake: pretty pink not too bright and not too light
  > Pixie: (couldnt find a proper description) shimmery pink with a slight peach tinge
  > Blueberry Lush: bright blue with medium sheen
  > Sugar Plum: gorgeous light purple

  > Gold Digger: gold
  > Graffiti: matte black with lime glitter

- Bad Gal Collection
  > Violet: pale violet
  > Secretive: soft pink with low sheen
  > Dirty Jeans:  teal grean that rubs into a blue-green with gold hues
  > Leather & Lace: matte black with pink glitter

- Geeky But Glam Collection
  > Fabulous!: an amazing teal
  > Sterling Gitz: a silvery diamond glitter shade
  > Pinky Swear: bright fuschia with pearl finish
  > Glam Girl: super bright purple

- Fabulous!(individual sample) - teal

Line1: Leather & Lace, Sterling Glitz, Graffiti, Gold Digger
Line2: Blueberry Lush, Fabulous (x2), Dirty Jeans
Line3: Sugar Plum, Glam Girl, Violet, Pinky Swear
Line4: Pixie, Secretive, Strawberry Cupcake

Line1: Leather & Lace, Sterling Glitz, Graffiti, Gold Digger
Annoyingly neither Leather & Lace or Graffiti had any visible glitter in them. The formula was a bit grainy so im assuming that there was glitter in it, you just cant tell when you use it....

Line2: Blueberry Lush, Fabulous, Dirty Jeans
I did my best to capture the gold sheen in Dirty Jeans, which i think came out quite good ^_^ considering im normally whinging about my cameras inability to capture the different hues in some of my pigments

Line3: Sugar Plum, Glam Girl, Violet, Pinky Swear
Violet was a bit of a let down, its not as sheer as it appears here, but it isnt as vibrant as i would have expected. Pinky Swear was probably the most suprising because as i moved it under the light a blue hue was brought out of which was gorgeous (insert whinging about stupid camera here -.-" ) 

Line4: Pixie, Secretive, Strawberry Cupcake
I think the angle that i was taking this photo was just plain wrong - all these shades are much brighter and Secretive even has a hot pink highlight to it when moved under the light =/

I think my favourite colours are
- Dirty Jeans
- Sugar Plum
- Fabulous

- Pinky Swear
- Secretive
- Sterling Glitz

Have you ever ordered from Glamour Doll Eyes?
What do you think of their colours?
Has anybody else had the same problem with Leather & Lace and Graffitit?



  1. I really was not impressed with Glamour Doll Eyes...It just took forever to get my stuff and the colors were really blah and didn't last on my eyes. I don't know, I just never ordered from them again and probably won't. Let me know if you end up liking it though, maybe I'll give it another try!!

  2. thanks Lisa, im glad im not the only one annoyed with their shipping time. i havent worn any of them out yet so ill definatly be looking out for how long the colours last

  3. It's been 14 days and still nothing for me. I was so excited ordering the Geek but Glam collection as well as the Jacqueline collection...sadly nothing has arrived yet.

  4. just keep checking on their site - although it'll probably just say that its still "processing" =[

  5. While I haven't ordered from glamourdoll I will be soon.

    But on her website it says that it is a one woman show and her eye shadows are MADE TO ORDER. This means that when you say "I want blue" she then has to go and make the colour for you. This is why processing would take so long. Plus it depends on how many orders are waiting in front of yours.

    Also she has made a new formula for Graffiti and Leather and Lace. If you email her (having bought the older version) she will give you 50% off the new one. Apparently it is much nicer.
    I found all of this information on the website.


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