Monday, November 16, 2009

Depressing Update

Hey guys
Sorry i havent posted anything for a while. I have officially finished all my exams as of the 13th so i've been a bit busy attempter to catch up with people and do all things i havent been able to.
I did get my hair done, its amazing! ill put some pictures up for you all real soon.
Last night was my school Formal for yr12 (last year for those of u who dont know) it was a complete disaster and waste of time and money, for me at least, but i wont go into that because it really upsets me. I will, however, put some pictures up so you all can see my hair and makeup.
Tonight im going to the Britney Spears concert which is exciting. I dont normally listen to her very often but she kind of burst into the music industry when i was growing up and i loved her back then so i figured why not go with a bunch of old friends and enjoy re-living our childhood favourites lol "Baby One More Time.." i still dont understand those lyrics after all these years =P I will be bringing my camera to the concert so ill try and grab some pics - not promising they will be any good because we all know how annoying concert ligthing can be, but ill try and ill put them up in a post.

Ill post about my look tonight for the concert



  1. My school formal thing was terrible too, i'm sorry you had a bad time.
    Really looking forward to seeing your new hair!
    And i hope you had lots of fun at Britney Spears :D

  2. thanks Lillian.
    im really excited about it ^_^

  3. That sucks your formal was a waste of money! I didn't even go to mine, my boyfriend was too old (couldn't have anyone over 21!).

    How fun to go see Britney!! She was hot when I was young so I totally know what you mean about going with girlfriends. It will be so fun!!

  4. Lisa we couldnt even bring people outside our year group or school so that was really disapointing for me.
    It sucks how they make stupid rules about age - it shouldnt matter how old someone is =(


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