Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Formal Photos and New Hair Cut!

hey guys
Even though my formal was a complete disaster and a total wasta of time im still going to put up some pictures so you all can see my new hair cut.

Please ignore the tummy and chubby arms

Me and my twin pulling a funny face

Sorry i dont have any close-ups, they were "accidently" deleted off the camera by my sister who had it the whole night so these are pretty much the only pictures i have at the moment with me in them.
As you can see i just did a double winged liner and the shadow was just a light neutral pink and purple.
I absolutly love my hair ^_^



  1. Your hair looks amazing! I love those bangs!

  2. thanks Lisa im so happy with it.
    it took them forever to cut it tho lol who knew bangs could take so long to cut =P


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