Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hi-Fi Cosmetics swatches and Mini Review

Hey guys!

A while ago I placed my first order with Hi-Fi Cosmetics. I got the 20 sample pack and one of their lip glazers. When i got my package there were a few extra sample shadows along with the 20 I had already ordered. Unfortunately the Lip Glaze wasn’t in the order. I emailed Veronica of Hi-Fi about the missing item in the order and I received a reply very quickly saying she was sorry and that she would send one out with a few extras for the inconvenience. I thought this was very nice of her and I think that what she sent me with the missing item was extremely generous (2 full sized shadows, 5 extra sample baggies and an extra lip glazer)

Anyways here are photos of my Hi-Fi collection, along with swatches and a mini review for you all


Line 1: In Bloom, Punk Rocker, Live By Passion, Bounce, Pixies, Things That Cannot Speak, Eat Me Drink Me.

Line 2: Rising Tide, Queen Of Disaster, Cheap Tricks, The Cyanide You Drank, The Jungle, Unpredictable (Paparazzi Flash Glitter, applied over Pixie Epoxy), Arsonist

Line 3: Mind Manipulation, Living Fire, Pointless Intervention, Hot Rod, Sugar, Lyrical Master, Kiss In The Sand

Line 4: Bad Seed, Wanted, Us Or The Hatchet, Swimming Through Ashes, Blackened Soul.

Full Sized Shadows: Don’t Forget The Violence, Forsaken, Old Fashion Fascism

Lip Glazers:


- All the shadows are highly pigment
- Easy to apply (not chalky)
- Fairly Cheap; a 20 sample collection is only $14.99USD
- Hi-Fi customer service is excellent
- there is a huuuge range of colours (over 180)


- International Shipping can take a while (about 3 weeks) but it’s totally worth it
I was extremly happy with my Hi-Fi Cosmetics purchase, i will definatly be purchasing from them again
Im most interested in grabbing the:
- High Impact Shadow Fix
- Beat Box Shadow
- Amore Gel Blush
-Fat Tuesday Eye Glitter
- New Age Eye Glitter
- Art Is Forever Lip Glaze
- On A Bender Lip Glaze
I apologise for my photos being against a blue background, i didnt realise when i was taking them that it would give then a blue colour, ow well. If you want any close-ups of any of the colours let me know in the comments below and i will be more than happy to post more pictures for you ^_^


  1. Ooh lovely swatches! HiFi are fabulous and it sounds like the customer service is great!

  2. I've not tried Hi Fi, but I reallllly like the look of Punk Rocker and Things That Cannot Speak. :)

  3. Hi Fi is my absolute favorite brand, thanks for the swatches! Now I know which colors I still need... hehe I have most of them already. I really want to try the High Impact Shadow Fix as well. I have one of the gel blushes which I really like, because it looks so natural.

  4. Great swatches! I have a lot of these (over 80 samples) but have been neglecting to wear them. I need to!

  5. Those colors are sooo gorgeous! I only have two, but I want moooore!

  6. I'm aiming the beat box too.:)


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