Sunday, October 4, 2009

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Review

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As you may already know i live in Australia (der!). Right know we are heading into the summer season and its already getting ridiculously hot and lots of people, i myself included, are already getting sunburned =(

I know it sounds stupid and its pretty obvious that if you're getting burnt you should put on sunscreen right? Well sadly i don't like the greasy feeling that you get from wearing sunscreen (seriously, does anyone?) so i generally avoid putting it on my face. A few weeks ago my mum was out shopping an she picked up this awesome new product from Neutrogena, its a Dry-touch 30+spf sunscreen lotion. When i first saw i was like "yeah, as if that's going to work" but when i tried i was totally amazed. It seriously rubs into your skin without leaving any oily/greasy feeling and is so lightweight you can't even tell you're wearing it!

I've tested it out a few times by wearing both my normal foundation and a face powder on top of it to see if it caused the makeup to cake and rub off during the day and it made me so excited to find out that all my makeup stayed perfect throughout the day and it even stopped the oilyness i get in my t-zone on hot days from seeping through my primer!
I'm not sure how much it actually is because i don't have the receipt but honestly for sun protection that doesn't leave you're skin feeling oily and disgusting (and that still allows you to wear makeup on top) who cares?

I will definatly be buying this again and i highly recommend it to anybody who wants to protect their skin from the sun (remember guys sun exposure gives you wrinkles at a younger age!!!)

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