Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fyrinnae Haul!

Hey everyone,

So some time last week i received my order from Fyrinnae. This time around i picked up a few more colours from their Halloween Collection which I'm really liking at the moment.

Most of the shades are a bit darker than what i would usually wear but i think they are all still really nice and fun ^_^

LINE 1 - Crease Brush, Paranormal Pink Liner
LINE 2 - Blue Whale, Mystic (Arcane Magic Free Sample), New Moon's Light, Envy Me
LINE 3 - Banana Mochi, Princess of Darkness, Mephisto, Treacle-Well

Line 2 Swatch (bottom to top) - I really love how Blue Whale is supper shimmery and intense. I think Envy Me will become my new highlight colour just because it blends into my skin tone so well lol. New Moon's Light was a bit hard to work with but the colour is still beautiful

Line 3 swatch (bottom to top) - i absolutely love these colours so much. They are supper bright but also aren't overpoweringly shimmery which can sometimes be a little scary, for me at least.
Fyrinnae have also announced another set of colours coming out for the Halloween Collection, the pictures on their blog look amazing so I'll probably be picking up a few more things from them again pretty soon.

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