Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Evil Shades Haul and Review

Hey guys
Back again!
After i published my last post i went outside and what do u think i found on my doorstep?
My Evil Shades order!
I actually ripped open the box the second i saw it - i was that excited after seeing Phyrra use some of their shades, i was pretty much keeping my ears out for the postman everyday till he finally dropped it off ^_^
The things i ordered were:
- A complete sample set of all 15 shadows they offered
- 3 of their lip glosses

There were so many that i swatched them in colour groups (i don't know why colours just seemed logical).

(From Left to Right) Sinister, Banshee, Acolyte, Abyss, Mysteria, Suffocation

Panic, Zombie, Coffin, Erinnye
Coffin and Erinnye confused me for a bit when i swatched them. I thought that i had swatched the same colour twice but when i moved it under the light i saw the Erinnye had more a dark copper undertone to it and a lot of silver sparkles while Coffin was a bit lighter and had a satin finish to it.

Moonlight, Silver Bullet
This was really annoying to photograph - basically Silver Bullet is more a platinum silver than white that this showing.

Double Barrel, 13th Hour, Devils Bonfire, Venom
Double Barrel and 13th Hour was another confusion for me lol. But even though this photo doesn't show it, 13th Hour actually has a really pretty purple finish to it that comes up in different lights - i just couldn't get my camera to capture it =(

13th Hour, Venom, Lethal Kiss
When applied onto my lips these aren't so pigmented, they give more of a "stained" effect. However i still really like them. They are really smooth, and super moisturising believe it or not. Sadly their staying power isn't all that good but honestly i don't really care, i still love them.

Overall i really like this company. They have fantastic products, their comunication is excellent and their shipping is also really fast. ow did i mention how affordable they are?
It's run by Evil Angel (check out her blog!), and she makes all the products herself. Including some really cute jewellery that's just been released. The colours are amazingly pigmented, all these swatches only took a minuscule amount of product applied with my pinky finger :)
I'm really looking forward to using these shadows and i will be looking for an excuse to go out just so i can wear them ^_^

Have any of you bought anything from Evil Shades? What did you get? What other indie cosmetics companies do you purchase from? Would love to hear your thoughts


This is just a lil something for my favourite B-tard ^_^


  1. ohh looks pretty but only 15 shades?hehehe

    u shud also try

    my fave !:)

  2. Great colours! These shades are evilly tempting, I must say.:D I'd really like to try Evil Shade's products, but I'm not sure about international shipping. I have to think about it.:)

  3. Thanks Vanilla - looks like a good company, i really like some of their colours too.

    Sil- the shipping charges are a bit steap, i had to pay a little over $15 for my order which was a bummer


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