Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pixie Epoxy Review

Hey guys!

So as you know last week i got my Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy sample. It came in a tiny jar with a flip top lip.

Fyrinnae describes this product as:

"...is not an eye shadow primer, or really a base. It is to keep sparkles on or to make shimmery shadows appear "glossy". This "glue" is designed to hold the sparkliest, most shimmery eye shadows in place and minimize "fallout". Can also be used to retain a "wet" or "glossy" look to loose shadows. Don't worry, it's easily washed off, and while keeps shadows in a water-resistant state, the product itself is water-soluble (no silicones or oils). "

I've been using this for a few days now and i found that it really does work!

It intensified my Shadows, makes them last twice as long as they would normally and prevents nearly all of the fallout. I've tried it over my Lip Lustres and and lip sticks - it works really well the seal in the colour and make it last for so long (until you eat of course)

Even though the shadows look wet they really aren't, its super easy to blend them and the pigments can be "swept" over the epoxy rather than patted, which also makes blending that much easier!
The one thing that i really love about this product is its tackyness. it literally grabs onto the shadow without any rubbing or serious work.

If your looking for something that is going to make your shadows more vibrant and last longer i highly recommend trying this out. Get a sample like i did (it was like $1US, so worth it!) and you will realise hope much you needed this.

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