Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I am so sorry for not updating sooner =(

Its been so freaking busy around here i've barely had enough time to breathe!
But im back now for another haul. Yay!

Today i got a couple of things. One was my Fyrinnae order and the other was a couple things i got off an ebay seller.
First off is the Fyrinnae order.

LINE 1 - Pixie Epoxy, Turquoise Tease Liner, Melancholy Lip Lustre
LINE 2 - Dark Magik, Broken Doll , Mirrors, Samhain Spirits, Medium Matte Bronzer
LINE 3 - Otherworld, Orca, Dragon's Wings, Curiouser and Curiouser!, Intrigue (blush), The Fancy Lad

Swatch of Line 1 - the Pixie Epoxy is a "tacky" base for sparkly shadows so i wont swatch it yet i plan on doing a review and a few swatches after i get a feel for how to use it properly ^_^

Swatch of Line 2 - Sadly my camera couldn't pick up the sparkles in Mirrors (third from the bottom)

Swatch of Line 3

The second thing i got today was my order from Ebay. Both of these products can be bought from the Coast Scents website. However i got them from this Ebay seller, Joilee, for a lot cheaper - so if u like anything from Coastal Scents check them out, it could save you a bit of money ^_^

Contour and Blush Palette - the pans in this are HUGE!
Im so excited to finally have got this. Initally the only thing stopping me was the price, $19US is a bit much to pay for a palette. But on Ebay you can get it for about $10.50 AUS - need i explain more?

Turqouise Gel Liner

Thats it for my Haul - hope u guys enjoyed it and get inspired to check out Joilee's ebay store!

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