Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Venomous Cosmetics Haul & Review

Hey Guys,

     A couple weeks ago I made a purchase from Venomous Cosmetics - picking up a few Loose Shadow Samples and some Pressed Shadows as well as a Lip Poison. Tracy (the owner) was a few days late in shipping my order and was nice enough to throw in a whole heap of extra sample baggies for me =)

All swatches are applied dry over foundation

Loose Shadows Samples:

Each contain all the ingredients listed below the name

Sunspot, Boomslang, Rosie, Bravest Astronaut

Beaches in Maui, Faraway Galaxy, Blue-Ringed Octopus, Pegasus
Platypus, Gila Monster, Monster Under Your Bed, Green Mamba


(same order as written above)

Pressed Shadow Samples: (the palette shown here is sold separately)

 Samples are all labelled with their colour codes - letter indicates the collection and number is the number of the shadow

 The palletes hold upto 25 sample shadows and 9 of the regular sizes

Centipede, Extraterrestrial, Solar Flare, Ogopogo, Jersey Devil
Sea Urchin, Can't Give You Paris, Tazelwurm, Margaritas in Mexico City, Mermaid, Gremlin

(Same order as above)

Lip Poison:

Couldn't get my camera to capture this very well but this is seriously one bright ass pink and opaque in 2 swipes =)

My Review:

Im IN LOVE! These shadows are so beautifully pigmented and come in such a wide range of colours. I especially love the idea that they offer pressed shadows. The press shadows are on the softer side so you do have to be careful no the stab them.
The prices of the products are amazing too
Pressed Samples - $2.00
Pressed Full Sizes - $6.50
LS Samples - $1 (baggie)
LS Full Sizes - $ 6.50 (jar with a sifter)
Lip Poison Sample - $3.50
Lip Poison Full Size - $5.00

The website was super easy to navigate (always a plus) as was the checkout. Shipping costs were also really cheap, it was $4USD to ship to Australia.

The only downside is that I can see so far is that I don't like how the pressed samples are labelled with the letters and numbers because im hopeless and can never remember what they stand for. Ow well, its not like you can write the name on those little pans =P

Have you guys tried any of the Venomous Cosmetics products? what do u think of them?


  1. Astronaut and Pegasus look really cute and that gloss... wow! I really like the idea of the teeny pans.

  2. I have one Lip Poison that I love, I want to order more! I haven't tried any of their eyeshadows yet, but your swatches look awesome! Sweet haul!

  3. Ahhh I love the look of these so much, the little pressed samples are so cute! And the lip poisons are so nice.

  4. Robyn, they are so teeny but i love them

    Vulcan, i really like the consistency the glosses i want to pick up a few more next time i order

    Lillian, i definatly recommend grabbing a few colours, if not even for the novelty of the teeny pans


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