Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Incase you were interested

Hey all,

I recently got a tumblr account. here is a link to it if you were interested in following it.

Its not really makeup focused its mroe about sharing things that interest me and that i like

Does anyone else have an account? Put a link in the comments so i can check yours out too!



  1. Checked out your tumblr :) Ahh that girl with pink hair - her outfit is stunning, so cute!
    I don't have a tumblr.. Well, I have, but I don't post things, I just browse and search for inspiration :DD

    (and yeah of course you can send me clothes to alter if you want! I'd be more than happy ^_^)

    Jonna xx

  2. omg i know! Her hair and the my little pony corset made me so happy it was insane! =P

    (thank you, i will have to email you about it)



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