Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hey everyone,

So i was a bit naughty today and bought a few things when i went shopping with my friend (which i really shouldnt have done since im trying to save for IMATS next weekend =D)
In terms of makeup i ended up getting 3 NYX jumbo pencils (my first's ever !) and an LA Girls fineline liquid liner

I went a little bit crazy here testing out the liner on the back of my hand.
I was really inpressed by it - everything you see here was drawn using the tip of the marker.
However when i rubbed it did fade a bit =(

I got the colours Orange, Yellow and Cherry

One swipe of each on the back of my hand - freaking awesome! didnt expect them to be so creamy

What they look like smudged =)

Hope you're all having a good weekend! xx


  1. I love the NYX jumbo pencils. I have the ones you swatched. Awesome!

  2. oh i totally am itching to get a NYX jumbo pencil! everybody has the milk one, but i dunno...i think the black one would be awesome =D

  3. Blix - i have fallen in love with them!

    Lulu - i was the same, they are near imposible to find in australia but i managed to spot them in a discount cosmetics shop in the shopping centre i live near, they only had these three tho. i was also hopeing to pick up the white and black too XD


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