Sunday, September 19, 2010

Disney Inspired Pocahontas Look

Hey Everyone
Sorry i havent been here much this past week. Im really sick. But here are the pictures of my pocahontas look, its not fantastic but i was lacking inspiration at the time.

Yummy Fish Face!

What i used: Sorry guys i dont remember exactly what i placed where but im going to do my best to at least list everything.

- Pixie Epoxy
- HiFi Shadow, Wanted (in the crease)
- HiFi Shadow, Kiss In The Sand (first 1/2 of the lid)
- HiFi Shadow, Us Or The Hatchet (second 1/2 of the lid)
- My Beauty Style Blue Liquid Liner applied on the apper lashline
- Fyrinnae Shadow, Curiouser & Curiouser, applied over the top of the liner and the lawer lashline

- The usual foundation
- Savvy Granulated Bronzer

Sorry its such a crappy post guys, ive got a whole bunch of photos on my camera that need to be uploaded including a couple FOTD/FOTN from before i was sick and pictures of IMATS and what i got

Hope you're all having an awesome weekend.



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