Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My First Post!

Wow I never thought i would ever be writing my own blog. The thought of writing down my thoughts and experiences for people to read has always sort of creeped me out.
But recently i have been following the blogs of
xsparkage, Sirvinya, and doedeere - who have inspired and convinced me that starting a blog is not as daunting as it initially seems.

Ok so enough with that. Time to get down with the gist of why I am here. As I've already stated in my profile my name is Angie I'm from NSW in Australia.
I LOVE bright make-up - especially pigments. A lot of the things i buy, however, is online, which i know for many people is uncomfortable. I often get asked questions from people like "How do you know you're going to get what you asked for?" Sadly the only way to be sure is if you buy from a make-up company's own website or a well known re-seller.

Anyway hope you all enjoy this and ill try to put some things together for you all really soon.

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