Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fyrinnae Haul

A few weeks ago i ordered a bunch of pigments and a liner from Fyrinnae.
They have over 350 different pigments alone so choosing just a few was almost imposible. Fyrinnaes' site is amazing as it shows swatches of all their pigments and liners on skin so you can get an idea of what the pigment will look like when applied. They also offer free international shipping for orders over $20 US, with each of their sample sizes going for about $1.25 US each why not place an order and see if you like them.

Here is a picture of the colours i got:
(This is an order worth about $40, as i placed 2 orders a week apart to get the free shipping)

Line 1: We're All Mad Here, Snow White, Parental Advisory, Digital Faerie, You Want Me (liner)Line 2: Bali Mynah, Kitten In Heels, Kabuki, Visage, Chlorophl
Line 3: Helena & Demetrius, Sennyo, Party Crasher (free sample), 1.22 Gigawatts
All of these shades are sparkley and have "glitter" in them, except Snow White which is a matte black.

Swatch of Line 1 - sadly my camera couldnt pick up the beautiful pigments inside We're All Mad Here; its actually more true to the colour in the jar =(

Swatch of Line 2 - these colours are all a lot brighter in person. Kabuki is more a burgandy/copper tone than the redish-orange that its showing here and Chlorophyll is by no means as yellow as this swatch shows.

Swatch of Line 3: 1.22 Gigawatts is a lot more of an intense cool blue than what is showing here. but the others are very true to their actual shades.

Liner : You Want Me. Fyrinnae liners dont dry like a normal eyelines. they stay a little bit "wet". However since i've been using it i havent had a problem with it smudging or running.

Out of my entire order everything, except Parental Advisory, Digital Faerie and Kabuki, are in sample jars. but you still get a lot of product out of the samples - which is amazing considering you're paying about $2 each for them.

My favourite shades out of this haul would have to be:
- Bali Mynah
- Ketten In Heels
- We're All Mad Here
- Parental Advisory

Has anybody else ever tried out Fyrinnae and what are favourites from their range?

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