Monday, March 1, 2010

FOTD - Drosophila

Hey Everyone!

Im back (finally!) I havent worn propper makeup for about a month so please excuse the lack of usual brights, im just slowly trying to get back into the habit XD
Ok here wo go....

- Face Of Australia tinted moisturiser, Medium Tint
- Savvy Pressed Powder, Dark

- Chi Chi cream eyeshadow
- MAC pressed shadow, Blanc Type, all over lid and under brow bone as highlight
- Evil Shades shadow, Zombie, in outer V and crease, blended into highlight
- Bourjois pressed shadow, Blanc Diaphane, patted lightly onto lid and edges of Zombie and Blanc Type
- Black liquid liner on upper lashline
- NYX Medium Brown pencil on lower lashline, smudged slightly with Zombie lightly dusted on top
- Black Mascara

- NYX lip pencil, Soft Brown used to line and fill in lips
- Savvy lipstick, Dusty Rose, dabbed over liner and then blotted
- Boots No 7 liggloss, Marshmallow, applied on top

            (sorry about the crappy photos, im still getting used to the new lighting in my new apartment =/ The brown colour is actually a deep red....*fails* )

Ive got a review coming for you all some time in the week, so keep an eye out for that. Otherwise just leave me comment if you've got any thoughts or request



  1. Love the contouring in the crease :)

    It's so weird how lighting and cameras can distort colours :( Im so sick of my camera and lighting making it look like I'm wearing all gold eyeshadow

  2. thanks =)

    but yes - its so frustrating! ill just have to keep playing around with the lights and settings till i get it right =(

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